Travelling, as much as it is a great and wonderful experience, can take its toll on people. New environments, lack of sleep, long travel hours and the disruption of one’s routine can lead to a stress-packed adventure.

Once the destination has been reached, hotels are the first place where travelers expect to go to, to relax and finally catch up on some z’s. After all the very essence of a hotel is to be a space dedicated to offering a good place to sleep for travelers.

But when stress, anxiety and jet lag kick in, a soft mattress and comfy pillows might not be enough to do the trick. People in general admit, not being able to sleep as well in hotels as they would at home. A poor sleep quality results in cognitive impairment, bad mood, irritation, and an overall deteriorated quality of life.

Those feelings, while experienced during the guest’s stay are mentally associated to the hotel which results in the impression of a negative experience.


Aroma therapy refers in part to the use of essential oils for their healing properties.
Essential oils are the essence of a plant, that why they are referred to as “essential”. They are a critical part of a plant’s immune system and act as a protection barrier against microorganism. They are often found in parts of the plant that are prone to external attacks, like the rind of fruits, sap, bark, seeds etc.

For more than a thousand years, essential oils have been used for their calming properties. It was even thought, in medieval times, that they were essential to life.

As science evolved, researches on essential oils demonstrated their different properties based on their main constituent and on their chemical composition.
Depending on the chemical composition of the essential oils, different health properties can be attributed to them. They can be warming, balancing, arousing, calming, or invigorating.

Essential oils containing organic alcohols, ketones and esters are found to have calming and relaxing properties, as well as being helpful for promoting good sleep.


Lavender essential oil is certainly the best oil for relaxation. Studies have found that it reduces anxiety, helps to ease feelings of tension, and promotes a sound and peaceful sleep.
That’s because it contains linalool (Alcohol), Linalyl acetate (Ester), and Frenchone (Ketone), that it is so efficient at helping a good night sleep.

 With our Pillow Mist, designed for easy usage, simply spray a couple of times on each pillow during room service to let the scent permeate and act on your guest while they lay down to rest from their day.

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