Feminine Hygiene Service

We offer a hygienic and reliable sanitary disposal service with a 1 for 1 fresh bin exchange on a regular basis.

Step-Pedal Sanitary Bin

Step pedal allows hand-free usage and discreet disposal of sanitary refuse.

Available Options:

  • MPD606 : i-pedal Lady Sanitary Bin – 16 Litres
  • SB-18: Lady Sanitary Bin – 18 Litres


  • Fragranced & Antimicrobial Treated Bin Liners

Auto Sanitary Bin

Automatic system ensures hygienic disposal, no hand contact minimizes cross infection bringing comfort and assurance to all users

Available Options:

  • MSB622 White/ Grey/ Black: Lady Auto Sanitary Bin – 24 Litres


  • Fragranced & Antimicrobial Treated Bin Liners
bin liner

Did You Know?

Each sanitary bin is washed and lined with a fragranced and antibacterial liner that is proven to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria.

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