Urinal Sanitizing

Tackle bacteria and malodours using our Urinal Cleaning and Sanitizing Service.

Urinal Sanitizer Dispenser

Measured dose of sanitizing solution dispensed with each flush, effectively eliminates lime scale build up and stubborn bacteria on urinal bowl, WC pans and pipes works. Resulting in a cleaner and fresh washroom experience.

Available Options:

  • OS-600B: Refillable Urinal and Bowl Sanitizer Dispenser
  • OS7470BSB : Cartridge Urinal and Bowl Sanitizer Dispenser – 360ml


  • Sanitizing Solution #Fancy Fruit
  • Urinal and Toilet Bowl Cleaner 360ml #SaniFresh

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Enzymatic and Fragranced Urinal Screen

Fragranced and deodorizing screen which keeps the urinals refreshed and clean.

  • Incorporated with enzymes that naturally eliminate odours while preventing lime scale deposits into the drains.


  • Peach Orchard
  • Citrus Mango
  • Passionfruit

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