Toilet Seat Sanitation

Improve the cleanliness of your restroom and considerably reduce the risk of contamination with our Toilet Seat Sanitizers.

Toilet Seat Sanitizing

Fully disposable pouch system for enhanced hygiene standards

  • Push dispensing system
  • Pouch equipped with anti-spillage feature.
  • Viewing window for soap level indication.
  • Classically designed.


  • Toilet Seat Spray Sanitizer 500ml #SaniPack (Alcohol-Based) -up to 2000 doses
  • Toilet Seat Spray Cleaner 500ml #SaniPack (Non-Alcohol) – up to 2000 doses
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Why provide toilet seat sanitizers?

Toilet seats can become contaminated with bacteria such as E.Coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and Shigella bacteria. These bacteria are known to cause some severe stomach pain, food poisoning, and diarrhoea.
Easy and fast to use, Toilet Seat Spray Solution effectively kills germs providing a hygienic experience and ease of mind for users.

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