Hand Towels

Proper hand drying is a vital part of effective hand care and can minimize cross-contamination. We offer all options of hand drying solutions to suit any needs.

Folded Paper Towel Dispenser

Easy loading and dispensing of folded hand towels

  • Viewing window for paper level indication.
  • Dependable and reliable performances.

Available Options: 

  • ET-570 White: Paper Towel Dispenser – 500 sheets
  • MPD468 Frosty Blue: Paper Towel Dispenser – 250 sheets


  • Pure Pulp M-Fold Paper Towels

Hand Towel Roll

Easy loading and dispensing of paper

  • Every pull is cut to an optimum length

Available Options: 

  • ERX-32S White: Automatic Hand Towel Roll Dispenser
  • MPD408 Blue: Autocut Hand Towel Roll
  • MPD405 Blue: Lever Roll Paper Towel


  • Pure Pulp Hand Towel Roll 177m

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Interleave Paper Tissue

Interleave Paper Tissue

A premium quality 100% pure pulp, 2 ply Paper Tissue

  • 75 pkts of 240 sheets per carton

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