ValhallaClassicspcgame _HOT_ 📁



Valhalla Classics. Lord of the Infinite – Episodes 1-4. Written by Vulcan Software Ltd. A PC game played on the Vulcan Portal. Walkthrough from MaGtRo May 2002 … I’m standing on the seashore again. And again around me – the ruins of the City. I look at the sky and think that in this story, death awaits me too. But I am not afraid of this death; I am not even afraid of death itself, which will be my deliverance. I’m not even afraid of life – after all, this is another new circle, the next coil, and I’m still the same, but perhaps I will have a new name, a new face, a new memory. Never mind. I’m not afraid. I look at the ruins of the City and wonder who I am and who I used to be.