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diagnostic analyzers are extensions to the roslyn c# compiler and visual studioide to analyze user code and report diagnostics. user will see these diagnostics in the error list after building the project from visual studio and even when building the project on the command line. they will also see the diagnostics livewhile editing thesourcecode in the visual studio ide.analyzers can report diagnostics to enforce specific code styles, improve code quality and maintenance, recommend design guidelines or even report very domain specific issues which cannot be covered by the core compiler.

diagnostic analyzers are built on top of the roslyn’s codeanalysis/compiler layer api. analyzers can analyze specific code units, such as a symbol, syntax node, code block, compilation, and so on, by registering one or more analyzer actions. the compiler layer makes a callback into the analyzer whenever it compiles a code unit of interest. the analyzer can report diagnostics on code units, which are added to the list of the compiler diagnostics and reported back to the end user.

manish vasani is a senior software developer working for microsoft corporation based in redmond, wa, us. he is extremely passionate about working on extensible compiler platforms designed to enable rich analysis scenarios. he has roughly about 10+ years’ work experience at microsoft. during this time, he has worked on the roslyn compiler, analyzers and ide teams. he was part of the design team for the analyzer and code fix api and implemented the analyzer driver that executes the analyzers in the compiler and vs ide.

as the language evolves, c# evolves as well. roslyn supports both c# 7 and c# 8 to ensure that the language is in a good shape when the next version of the language comes out. the focus of this chapter is to provide guidance for the developers on how to write analyzers and code fixes for the new c# language features. roslyn comes with diagnosticanalyzers and codefixes, which are roslyn-based analyzers and code fixes it is a compile-time analysis and can be used to guide the developers in a better way. it is a superioralternative to .net compiler platform analyzers. the analyzers are made available to the developers through the roslyn api and use the roslyn apis to guide the developers in a better way. roslyn uses c# 6 and c# 7 compiler features. if a new c# language feature is introduced, it is the job of the compiler developers to ensure that the analyzers and code fixes are updated to support the new c# language feature. the analyzers and code fixes are published to nuget, so that every developer gets access to the latest and greatest. the analyzers are published as a stable release, so that developers can depend on them and use them in their projects. a new stable release will only introduce bug fixes and no new features. for the code fixes, a beta release is made available to the developers. roslyn exposes the apis to diagnose the errors, and guides the developers by emitting compiler warnings and errors. the code fixes then apply the fix to the code by using the roslyn apis. with the new language features, new diagnostics are being added to the compiler. roslyn also supports the existing diagnostics, and those will be available in the future as well. the code fixes are able to apply the fixes to the code, by using the apis. 5ec8ef588b