The Elden Ring Full Crack is a fantasy-based online action RPG where you can enjoy the character action of a hack and slash game with the mobility of a dungeon-crawler. Together with your party, solve dungeons and challenge monsters through role-playing where you can freely develop your character according to your style.

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The Elden Ring game is intended for a wide age range from ages 10 and over. If you were below the age of 13 when you downloaded and/or installed the game from the web, please exit the website, exit the game client, and delete the game data on your device to avoid incompatibility.


The game will be released on June 18th, 2017 for Android and Android tablet.







Not able to do static method call through pointers

Consider the following code:

using namespace std;

class A
int meth();

int main()
A* obj = new A();



using namespace std;

class A
int meth();


Features Key:

  • Story of Pride
  • Story of Pride:
    A story where the major characters are asked to face their dark destiny and save the innocent from the tyranny of the dark god, forgetting everything they want to do.

  • A gripping Story of Revenge
  • A gripping Story of Revenge:
    A story where the major characters need to avenge the tragedy that befell a land that dwelt in peace along a young man as his life force.

  • A Great Adventure to Any Generation
  • A Great Adventure to Any Generation:
    The story of a young man’s quest to restore peace, destroy the one responsible, and return home.

  • Untold Worlds and Dynamic Battles
  • Untold Worlds and Dynamic Battles:
    Seeking an opportunity, you obtain new weapons and armor, express your strength, and cause a sensation, facing powerful enemies in a three-dimensional field with depth and an open concept.
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