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Learn about the game’s features in this message from the producer.
It’s a turn based strategy war game for all XviD and AC3 players (by Intel if you google that, it’s not too difficult and I made a video about it)., 8 Dec 2015 Lets get started. Character Script.
The Demon Queen – A drama about a young boy (Omatsu) and his dream to become a monk where he gets beaten up and he loses his greatest influence to  leave him alone with his dreams. Years later, he will find out that his dream is coming true to the horror. The main characters are Omatsu (Shun Oguri), the main protagonist, a young boy who was a vagabond and his advisor Maru (Kanata Hongo), an advisor who grew up in an orphanage and wanted to quit because he will lose his options and live all his life in the orphanage. In the end he grew up in a reliable household and became a monk. The advisors are the ones responsible for Omatsu’s “training” along the route, playing with him and protecting him on the way to the orphanage. They try to make him more independent and confident. Omatsu is the one who becomes the main protagonist of the game.

They are always around to protect him and sometimes tease and encourage him to carry on. Om


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