OrganizeME, as you should guess from its name, is an organizer. But there are a lot of organizer software on the internet, so what makes it special? Because it is different, easy and extensive.
This application will be appreciated especially by those who who spend a lot of time in front of their computers.
It stays on tray and reminds you on any event you have scheduled, launches a file you have scheduled, provides you an advanced contact database, reminds you on the birthdays of your contacts, lets you keep your diary securely, reminds you on an incoming e-mail and includes/provides some other utilities.
Also, all modules of OrganizeME are associated with each other. So you always gain time using it.
If you don’t want to waste your computer’s memory by using 4-5 different software to do those functions above, OrganizeME is suitable for you.


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Download === DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






OrganizeMe Crack Download [Win/Mac] [2022]

OrganizeMe Crack For Windows is an organizer with many flexible features. By adding the date, time and address book as a new source, you can easily add calendar information to the e-mails, which can be sent to you. If you only need to remind some people, say for their birthday, just add the related source into OrganizeMe Activation Code and it will remind you when the particular people’s birthday occurs. The Calendar and the Contact Info databases work simultaneously so that you can find new contacts while adding calendar information to an e-mail.
OrganizeMe allows you to add multiple items to a calendar or an e-mail database so that you can keep track of multiple events at the same time. Moreover, it provides a simple and useful list of “Suggested Reminders” and “Your Reminders” so that your reminder-needs can be satisfied easily. Therefore, if you need to do it, OrganizeMe will give you suitable ways to do so.
For all these features, OrganizeMe is a time and memory saver for people like you.
OrganizeMe Features:
* Calendar and Address Book
* E-Mail Reminder
* Memo Reminder
* Birthday Reminder
* Smart Alarm clock
* Suggested Reminders and Your Reminders
* Windows Alarm clock
* Reminder Assistant (POP3/IMAP)
* Image Viewer
* Calculator
* Spell Checker
* Simple and rich-looking interface
* Supports Unicode 10.0
* Support to PST file format
* Use Windows and Linux 32-bit and 64-bit
* The size of OrganizeMe is only 6.04 MB
* Very easy to use.
* Supports Unicode 10.0
* Completely Open Source
OrganizeME is free and come in only one language, english.
For any other language and help you can find it at [](
If you want to support, please donate via the source link in this description, Thank you.
We are more than grateful for your support.

OrganizeME does is designed to provide you with advanced features for organizing tasks and contacts. You can also get rid of Windows 7’s annoying “Always show the system tray icon in the notification area on the taskbar” behavior.

Let me briefly list the features:
* Designed to support organizing many items at once
* Contains many useful functions

OrganizeMe Incl Product Key Download

OrganizeMe is a personal organizer which provides you with a complete set of utilities.
Search your calendar, contact list and task list, find your files by name, e-mail, filesize, etc.
Lets you store passwords and other sensitive information securely, and access it through a safe screen.
The diary feature lets you remember birthdays of your contacts, set a reminder for a specific day, etc.
It’s a time-saver and a money saver, as it includes useful and easy to use utilities which are free of cost.
The following features are included in this new version :
– Search for addresses, phone numbers, etc. by adding them to your address book
– Quickly search for a file by it’s name, size, etc.
– Set up an advanced contact manager which lets you generate and store a custom contact list
– Easily view the contents of contacts by the custom priority
– Quick access to all events in your calendar
– Quickly open your files and folders
– Add a new contact and quickly search for the contact using a new advanced interface
– Quickly add a new event in your calendar
– Schedule a new task and quickly create a new calendar entry
– Restart OrganizeMe when it crashes
– View history and the number of activities per day
– Search for a file with a specific name
– Remember appointments
– Remote schedule view and appointments from your desktop
– Quick access to your contacts
– Easily lock and unlock your contacts list
– Convert your contacts list into a comma-separated value (CSV) file
– Quick access to emails
– Browser for all your files and folders
– Debug your program
– Launch the demo
– Easily change the theme of OrganizeME
– Easily change your custom contact picture
– Remote copy of files
– Quick access to recent documents
– Redirect system errors
– Search for files by name and size
– Resize a picture
– Burn CD and DVD from a selected picture or folders
– Enable or disable the sounds effect during system operations.
– Many other improvements and bug fixes

Uninstall Delete OrganizeME

Publisher’s Description

Software description for OrganizeME v1.0

OrganizeME is a fast, safe, easy to use application that will organize and handle your daily life.

OrganizeME lets you manage your calendar, contact list and task list in one

OrganizeMe License Keygen For PC

OrganizeMe was designed for people who don’t like to waste time on organizing their computer. Our goal is to make organizing your personal information not only convenient, but also safe.
1. Reminder – OrganizeME has a rich database of reminders which will help you to plan your next event. Each reminder includes personal information such as an event title, time and date, location, even your contact.
2. Contact – OrganizeME is also an excellent address book. You can easily enter addresses into our program or retrieve them from your address book from any application.
3. Birthday Reminder – OrganizeME has a powerful reminder database that not only provides you the list of birthdays of your friends, but also the birthdays of your acquaintances who support you to gain more time.
4. Diary – You can write anything into your Diary. Whether it is a short story, feelings, thoughts, it can be done with OrganizeME.
5. File Management – OrganizeME has the capability of downloading and organizing files. You can save all the necessary programs or documents to a virtual drive on the hard disk.
6. Password Management – OrganizeMe can create and manage easily up to 200 different password by you.
7. Task Management – OrganizeME provides the ability to create and manage up to 200 different tasks. You can add them to reminders database, make notes about tasks, and to other data.
8. Weather Forecast – OrganizeME presents the information about weather for you.
9. Translator – It is an easy interface for the users to change the text into their mother language.
10. Internet Calendar – OrganizeME provides you the support to have both personal and public calendars.
11. Calendar Grouping – OrganizeME provides you the function to create and manage one calendar. It can be associated with other calendar(s) to form a calendar group.
Other features:
* OrganizeMe is a robust, powerful and user-friendly organizer.
* OrganizeME can even send reminder by email.
* OrganizeME can synchronize with online calendars.
* OrganizeME has a friendly interface.
* OrganizeME can add new contacts to your address book from Yahoo, MSN, or Gmail contacts.
* All the data are synchronized with Google calendar.
* OrganizeME has an interface to create file in My Documents folder.
* All the functions of OrganizeMe are associated with each other

What’s New In OrganizeMe?

OrganizeME is a personal organizer that can do many of the same things as a general personal information manager. It is a software that keeps your information in a central place and with a graphical user interface.
What distinguishes OrganizeME from its competitors is its ability to work on all platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and Symbian). Some other product, only work on Mac OS X. This is because OrganizeME works with ActiContact (a Finder plugin that integrates with ActiCal).
OrganizeME is written in pure ANSI C and can be compiled using any ANSI C compiler such as gcc on any platform. This is a very minimal port which hopefully will make it easier to compile in some other platform.
OrganizeME can use other ActiContact Services (Mail Address Book, Calendar) like ActiCal for display or use their functionalities. It includes an interface to the ActiContact web service interface and can therefore query and update the address books via the web service interface.
You can search the AIM contacts and retrieve all the addresses for a single person. You can also export the contacts list as a csv file. And you can search contact in AIM’s address book and retrieve the contact’s address.

Post the license, product, manuals, support etc. in the thread and I can help you.

I’d like to pre-empt people’s questions about the licence with a pre-emptive disclaimer: I am not 100% sure about the licence. My understanding is that since I’m not receiving any money in return for the software, there is no license or obligation to provide the source code. But I’m not sure about the definition of “freeware” here in the UK. A website answering the questions “what is a free license in the UK” is actually helpful.

ShenHeng wrote:Thanks for your advice Vangel. I am more concerned with the bit about the licence. Am I correct to think that freeware licensed in the UK doesn’t have a licence of any sort.

Vangel wrote:This software is free. It is not included with any other software. The source code is available if you need it.

Really? I guess what I am asking is, how can someone complain about not providing the source code?

Yes, you are right. I was just a bit wary about supplying a licence and was worried about some legal issue.

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Mac OS X
XBOX 360
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