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The relationship between protein and calorie malnutrition, and iron and copper metabolism was investigated in rhesus monkeys. Six groups of monkeys were used: two were ad libitum fed (control), two groups of protein malnourished monkeys were fed at 100 and 60% of the caloric intake of the control group, and two groups of calorie malnourished monkeys were fed at 40% and 20% of the caloric intake of the control group. The amount of iron absorbed was determined by in vivo feeding and by in vitro estimation of basal and postprandial vitamin C concentrations, after which the absorption of iron and zinc were evaluated using intravenous (125)I-iron. The iron balance was calculated by subtracting the fecal iron content from the total body iron. No differences in iron absorption were observed between the control and calorie malnourished groups, but a significant decline in iron absorption was found in protein malnourished animals in comparison with both groups of control animals (P less than 0.05). The total iron balance was positive in all animals (mean = 0.11 +/- 0.02 mg/kg body weight/day), with no differences between groups. A significant correlation was found between the total iron and vitamin C absorptions in the control animals (r = 0.86) and the calorie malnourished animals (r = 0.91). The amount of copper absorbed was significantly lower in the protein malnourished animals than in the control (P less than 0.05), but no difference was found when the calorie malnourished monkeys were compared with the control. On the contrary, no correlation was observed between the copper absorption and vitamin C in control animals, but a significant negative correlation was found in the calorie malnourished monkeys (r = -0.86). A moderate negative correlation was found between the copper absorption and zinc absorption in control animals (r = -0.63) and a significant correlation in the protein malnourished monkeys (r = -0.83). This study indicates that protein and calorie malnutrition may have independent effects on iron

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