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Adobe Photoshop makes extensive use of a computer mouse, and with the latest versions, it can be connected via Bluetooth to a computer that’s not on the same network. This functionality is helpful in that you can use your tablet or cell phone’s touch screen to select and manipulate an image using Photoshop. If you use a Mac, you may find a similar product is available for both the iPhone and iPad.


Shapes (also known as layers) are best described as an image-level abstraction. Each shape has a unique name and an absolute positioning (towards the top of the image) — you can’t change that. When editing, layers are created and inserted over existing layers in the image. When in edit mode, you use the Layers palette (covered in the next section) to manipulate them. You can also use the Free Transform (Ctrl+T) tool to create shapes. You can also combine shapes together as described in the next section.

Create a shape by using the Rectangle tool (black border, with white fill), Rectangle Select tool, Ellipse tool, or Freeform tool (as shown in Figure 2-4). Your shapes will overlap other layers, and you can drag them around on the canvas. You can apply transformation by using the Transform tool (T) in the toolbar (in the background of the Layers palette). Or, if the shape is selected, you can use the Horizontal and Vertical Align tools.

**Figure 2-4:** Basic shapes.

Shapes have a set of properties that you can apply to them including:

Resizing: Scale, Stretch, and Saturate

Corners and Stroke: Stipple, 3D (for creating your own 3D art), and Corner Round

Position: Top, Center, Left, and Right

Blend: Multiply, Lighten, Darken, and Soft Light

Color: Blend, Hue and Saturation, and Colorize

Alpha: Transparency


Each layer contains an image that you can manipulate independently. Layers enable you to apply multiple filters and masks on an image, overlay several images, or simply combine them. You can bring existing layers into another file, as long as you keep the name. Layers are positioned with respect to each other and are given an order in which they’re applied. You can control the order in which the layers are applied using the Layers palette.

Adobe Photoshop Express Download In Windows 11 Crack With Serial Key Download

It includes editing tools, photo-manipulation tools, drawing tools, basic design tools, adding and editing text, and it includes video-editing tools.

It’s a quick and easy way to edit photos, and the latest version even allows for some photo adjustments with no experience. It has some of the same features as the full version but with a much simpler user interface.

Note: You need to have the full version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to make the tutorial since it requires that you edit the image in the full version.

If you would like to get Photoshop Elements in its own free tutorial, please see our Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorial. The tutorial includes some videos and requires Windows 7 or later.

If you like these Photoshop tutorials, you may be interested in my other Photoshop tutorials including the ones below:

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