As adventurers, we are carrying out a research in these islands to discover the truth about “Mitriom”, the legendary homeland of a powerful and unknown civilization.
Our discovery has awakened an ancient evil that now forces us to rebuild our expedition, but behind the journey of discovery hides a dangerous mystery.
Do you dare to climb the path of danger to discover the secrets of this unknown land?
To play it you will need 2 to 8 players.Q:

What is the oldest vegetarian dish?

Why is vegetarianism a recent phenomenon?
Why was it that people did not eat grains until recently?
I am asking this because if many people even ancient civilizations ate grains and did not opt for vegetarianism (if this is indeed the case), why did they eat grains?


Why is vegetarianism a recent phenomenon?

Because a lot of people realized that meat was harmful in some way. Humans have been eating meat for just as long as they’ve been eating grains.
You can look at it this way: we eat almost exclusively grains and legumes because they are more suitable for our digestive system than meat. The upper digestive tract of vertebrates is more developed than what is found in humans, which is why we can eat meat.
A telling sign that we are heading towards an extreme form of vegetarianism is that this year was the first time ever that vegetarians have a market share higher than any other form of diet.
You will find some websites that will tell you that the first people who ate grains did not eat meat, but it seems like their sources do not back up their claims.
In any case, we do not have any of the historical data we have for the grain or meat diet. It is fair to say that most people in the world do not have a historical food record, as documented in Gastronomic Census. They may also be unaware of past sources that could lead to important information about past diets.

Why was it that people did not eat grains until recently?

As I said earlier, meat is more difficult to digest. Among other reasons, this is because the gut (both small and large intestine) is not fully developed until puberty.
By eating meat, your chances of getting impacted by meat residue from animal feces are higher.
The food-industry has been trying to develop processes to get around this fact, but humans never seem to get as “happy” with food as


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Blasphemous is an indie humoristic first-person adventure game developed by Powis House, based in Oxford.
With the goal of creating a tale where entertainment is also education, the narrative and gameplay explores different topics such as History, Geography, Religion, Culture, Modern Life and more, through the eyes of Alice.
I’m a game developer and currently working on a game named Blasphemous.
– Eight different end-game stories, free to roam through the levels at your own pace.
– Eight different endings: “The Ends”, “An End Just for You”, “Your End”, and “Just the End”, (also available in a special edition)
– The Blasphemous soundtrack from Carlos Viola
– The Blasphemous original soundtrack composed by Carlos Viola
– Two art exhibition: “Alice in Wonderland, Wonderland” and “The Blasphemous fairytale”.
– Non linear gameplay with different experiences and levels to explore.
– Dialogue system: choose your words and each action triggers a new conversation option.
– Multiple endings depending on the way you solve the puzzles.
– News and reviews about the game.
– Building something different with the game in mind
Music: Carlos Viola.
Published by: Charles Webb Ltd.
Runtime: 100 to 120 hours
Some links to youtubedepictions.

recent announcement by Volkswagen that it was recalling 8 million vehicles has caused a sensation. Most of the news is about the massive software hack that likely took place, which allowed the automatic system in the cars to exploit. But this recalls a bigger problem: the Volkswagen brand is accused of consistently selling cars that run poorly.

As we go into the new oil and gas boom, the world is awash in new oil, but oil companies need to do better at finding new sources, says former IOC executive director Patrice Ameduri. He joins to discuss oil markets, the New York Mercantile Exchange, and producers like… * @return the point object
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Users play a sketchboard game to get their 3D models in order. Time is a sort of energy that can be used to undo/redo changes and keep them in order. Time is measured in seconds and there are special “undo” and “redo” buttons that cost time. Time is automatically exchanged for energy and then in the game you only can expend energy and move your models around, either by using energy to lift a model or by moving the model manually using the mouse. Sketchbox offers a a contextual control bar on top of each sketchboard with buttons for undo/redo, and special “undo” and “redo” buttons to move the models around.
– Explore, create, and collaborate with Sketchbox – bring your 3D models to life with tutorials, setup wizards and other useful tools – add annotations to your models – communicate and collaborate by drawing and commenting on sketches – go live with sketches on your website, in games, and on the web – be creative – explore fast and intuitive interaction between users – we track the actions of all your models so you can easily draw on them, explore them and share your work – importing and exporting SketchedML, FBX, GLTF, OBJ, Sketchcase, Unify, Cloudtools, Sketchpad – import and export models from various 3D content formats such as Google Poly, 3D Warehouse, Sketchpad, Unity, etc.
Sketchbox is cross-platform and work easily with a wide range of 3D content formats including Sketchpad, Sketchbox, FBX, OBJ, GLTF, Sketchcase and more.Autonomous robots that perform household chores are becoming increasingly popular. These robots are typically equipped with an obstacle detection system that informs the robot when it is about to collide with an obstacle. However, most such robots are not robust enough to negotiate subtle changes in the environment without receiving some sort of external feedback to indicate that they have a collision-free path.
Furthermore, in the area of household robots, many of the environments in which they reside are not well-planned. This problem is compounded by the fact that it is difficult for humans to accurately and consistently plan a robot’s movements into such environments. This problem is further magnified by the fact that the size of the robot may also vary, such as when the robot travels from room-to-room or goes through multiple floors within a home.
Therefore, it may be desirable to have a system and method that provides


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The Wolf Among Us Episodes

Posted on April 30, 2012| 4,467 views

Story descriptions and screenshots from The Wolf Among Us.

Welcome to the Big Sleep — meet Mr. Fiddle, the Man who Talks and the Nice Lady who Fills him with Hot Blood! A short story sample from the upcoming animation video game, The Wolf Among Us. Read these sample chapters and all the chapter previews from the first season in order to read and check out the gameplay preview and hands-on article!

Return to go to the event page. Click to learn more or download more episodes.

“This is the Big Sleep…” part one

On a moonlit night, two hobos lounge in a deserted alleyway. Their tired eyes can barely keep open, as they roll cigarettes and keep watch for “Dirty Harry”.

“There he is!” says the short one, his blanket – or is it a rug? – thrown over his shoulders.

The stocky one, “Shorty” nods in agreement. “Don’t know what ya gonna do…”

Darkness snakes around their way – it’s too early to sleep, after all.

Suddenly, the light of an approaching car breaks through the shadows and they see it’s a police cruiser. The driver exits quickly but two officers remain behind the wheel to slow the vehicle down. The hobos begin to jump out the alleyway.

“Stop!” shouts the heavy, “Spread them legs…”

“The hell we will!” commands the spirited one, and he sends the cops sprawling to the ground. The vehicle skids to a halt.

“Gandhi!” … “Bombs away!” … “Knifey!” …

“That woulda hurt if it was a knife,” says the voice from the front passenger side door. Shorty looks up to find a cool guy in a suit and hat looking down at him.

“What’re ya gonna do?” he continues. “None of us is big enough to tackle this dick.”

“Ya all right?” asks Shorty. “Ya c’mon with the notches on your fiddle.


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Lori is a star trucker with a checkered past. She just wants to make a good living, driving for the big company, Carolina Transco.
But once Lori has taken on the job, she finds herself dealing with the horrors of the shipping business and a mysterious new threat that could cost her everything she has. Who is behind the attacks and what are they after? Why would they want to kill her? It’s up to Lori to find out and quickly.
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